Investment Philosophy



Fee-Only Philosophy


There are many individuals that offer financial advice. Bankers, brokers, and insurance agents all provide valuable information about specific financial products. Generally, they are compensated by commissions that are generated by the sale of a product. There is nothing wrong with that - in fact, I may recommend that my clients seek specific products from these individuals. However, the fact that a commission is being generated by the sale of a product may influence the objectivity of the salesperson. They may be more interested in a commission than in improving your financial future.


My primary commitment is to provide unbiased, independent investment management advice. I have no vested interest in promoting a product or a particular mutual fund. My goal is to view the client’s financial situation with complete objectivity. My commitment to clients is to be totally independent in providing investment management services. I will only recommend what I truly believe to be in the client’s best interest.


My second commitment is to fully disclose all fees earned by my company. There are no bonuses, trips, or incentives or hidden fees that could possibly compromise my judgment. The fee schedule is disclosed before I begin an engagement. I am truly a fee-only financial adviser.


I manage portfolios using no-load mutual funds. I utilize the latest in computer-technology to find, screen and analyze these mutual funds.

No Commission Generating Products

Horizon Consulting & Investment Services, Inc. receives no compensation other than the agreed upon management fee. I will not sell limited partnerships, annuities or life insurance that generate commissions.


Individualized Attention

Horizon Consulting & Investment Services, Inc. clients are not categorized or graded. Each portfolio is tailored to match the client’s goals and desires.


No Exotic Products

Horizon Consulting & Investment Services, Inc. will not use options, currency trading or hedge funds for short-term performance enhancement. In short, professional investment management is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


Extensive Diversification

Risk cannot be eliminated; however, it can be tempered. Diversification is a key element in minimizing risk. A wide variety of mutual funds will be used. The emphasis will always be to use consistent, relatively high performing mutual funds considering the overall return and risk or volatility of the fund. Highly rated aggressive growth mutual funds will be used when appropriate. Individual bonds or bond mutual funds may be used to balance portfolios and provide stability and income.


Extensive Use of Stock Mutual Funds

The large no-load mutual fund companies have hundreds of analysts to survey and study the market opportunities on a global basis. Horizon Consulting & Investment Services, Inc. takes advantage of the expertise, economy of scale and broad selection opportunities that are offered by no-load mutual funds.